Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in the Notre Dame Area

By Madison Riehle

Authentic and good Mexican food is hard to come by, especially for college students who aren’t looking to break the bank on a meal off campus. However, thanks to Yelp analysis, students looking to chow on a great taco or burrito have to look no further.

Outlined through this interactive map are the top 10 Mexican restaurants in the Notre Dame area, with the restaurant’s Yelp pages linked.

Each spot on the map has been reviewed by the residents and students of the South Bend area, with every restaurant offering something unique from the rest.

Many reviewers have claimed the Hacienda Mexican Restaurant to have a great wet burrito, and the table made guacamole at Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant should not be missed.

Burrito from Salsa's Mexican Grill in Mishawaka. Picture by @Alpha on Flickr.
Burrito from Salsa’s Mexican Grill in Mishawaka. Picture by @Alpha on Flickr.

No matter what spot you choose you are bound to get a great and authentic Mexican meal, especially for those Notre Dame students who are tired of South Dining Hall’s taco bar, or the fast food feel of Chipotle.

Click here for the map itself.


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