Warriors and their “Cupcake” Dominate Over Thunder

By Madison Riehle

Decked out in cupcake shirts last night at Chesapeake Energy Arena, the Golden State Warriors took down their Oklahoma City Thunder rivals winning 130 to 114. The Warrior’s win last night comes after former Thunder small forward Kevin Durant returned to OKC for the first time since leaving the team last year.

For many OKC fans, Durant’s move to the Warriors was cowardly, as evidenced by many fans shouting “cupcake” and adorning cupcake shirts. In response, Warrior’s players Stephen Curry and Draymond Green team dressed in the shirts during their post game interviews to support their teammate in the rowdy arena.

Kevin Durant last year playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Kevin Durant last year playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Despite the taunts thrown at Durant, specifically from former teammate Russell Westbrook, he went to score 34 points. Westbrook, who holds a beef against Durant for his departure, yelled to him “I’m coming” after teammate Victor Oladipo hit a 3-point shot.

The rivalry between OKC and Golden State began last year when the Warriors faced the Thunder in the Western Conference finals in 2016, with Durant’s move only heightening their strained relationship.


Evidenced by Google Trends over the past week, the Warriors continue to be a highly disputed and searched team, with the Thunder coming in a close second, especially after last night’s game. Many continue to talk about whether Durant should have left OKC, generating a lot of debates online.

Check out the Google Trends graphic with more detail here.


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